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Ricky Mok (Hong Kong)
Ricky Mok, graducated at University of Arts London in 2005, specializing at painting. The majority of his work attempts to embody the goodness inside every one of us, celebrating the eternal beauty of humanity. In September 2008, Ricky returned to Hong Kong and actively involved himself in promoting the LGBTQ community and homosexual minorities awareness. He has been working at Rainbow of Hong Kong as a program assistant and has been found in demonstrating the value of diversity in the Hong Kong society ever since.
Claude Marthaler (Switzerland)
Claude Marthaler, a Swiss cyclist born in 1960, is more widely known as "the Yak" on the internet and he prefers to be called a "cyclonaut" (cycling astronaut?) instead of a "cyclist". He had spent 7 years cycling around the world from 1994 to 2001. On his 5th visit to Tibet in the winter of 2007, he said, "I'm happy to know that there's a cozy meeting point for bike-travellers in Lhasa!" (Oh he's talking about Spinn Cafe by the way...) Claude has published several books about travelling, cycling and photographing, namely "Le Chant des Roues : Sept ans à vélo autour du monde" (2002), "Sieben Jahre im Sattel: Durchgedreht" (2002), "Il Giro del Mundo en Bicicletta" (Sept 2008) and "Dans la roue du monde". He also writes regularly for several bike magazines in Europe, including Bike Culture, Travel Africa, VéloVision and La Liberté. If you want to have a good time, call him: Yaksite.org or Redfish.com/yak.
Fabrice Duche (France)
Fabrice Duche is a French residing in Lhasa, he's currently running a business to help foreigners to setup businesses and organizing internship programs for students from around the world. As a Frenchman, Fabrice is always picky about food, wine, cheese and women, indeed it came as no surprise to us that he finally decided to open a restaurant, it is the Happy Cafe. Check out his 3 websites: [FDICC] [Happy Cafe] [Modern Tibet]
Sebastian Krol (Krakow, Poland)
Tibet's amazing - no doubt about it! Coming here was a very important point of the whole trip... it's only a real pity that one needs so much money to explore it extensively... Kong is sitting next to me so I have to write something good about the place ;) Now seriously... we're bein' really glad to find it because we spent most of the spare time here!
Sam Hu Zhuxin (Shunde, Guangdong Province)
Sam has a bar in Shunde promoting the Tibetan culture, I guess he also had many girlfriends in Tibet.
Luo Xi (Chengdu, Sichuan Province)
Luo Xi loved the mountains, the rivers and the people of Tibet, she actually had a Tibetan boyfriend some years ago but was broken, she didn't want to mention too much about this blast from the past. She found the life in Tibet generally quite enjoyable and she is now working for the Tibet TV.
Fred Lam Fai (Hong Kong Special Adminstrative Region)
Fred and Kong (owner of Spinn Cafe) originated from the same village in Hong Kong but somehow destiny arranged them to meet in Lhasa instead. They were so happy to meet each other on the Roof of the World and chatted overnight about the best place to have fish balls in Hong Kong. Fred got a undergraduate degree of Social Science at the Lingnan University of Hong Kong and a master degree of Social Work. He loves participating in social movement and he used to be a key member of the Protest against the abolishment of the Queen's Pier in 2007. He is planning to write a book about Tibet and his trip.
Chevy Wang (Wuwei, Gansu Province)
Chevy loves smoking during afternoon. He's currently working for the Phuntsok Khasang Youth Hostel and he loves the most spicy curry rice of Spinn Cafe.
Miquel Vilajosana (Spanish)
Miquel bought his Giant bicycle in Lhasa and cycled with Leen (Belgium) to Kathmandu. They didn't forget us when they were in Kathmandu and sent us a Tibetan-English dictionary. Thank you very much!
Chiels Liu (Taiwanese)
Chiels is a medical doctor in Taiwan, he has spent some time travelling in Asia including Afghanistan in 2007. Now he is enjoying his life here in Tibet and has hotpot every night until 6am with Kong and Oat, Chiels' mother is going to award them with a medal for feeding Chiels like a pig. Chiels is also planning to go to Siberia soon.
Darius Thompson (British)
Darius has been teaching English briefly in Lhasa, and he is going to cycle to his home in Zurich, Switzerland from the roof of the world in 2007. He is also thinking if he should cycle back to England through the English Channel with the aid of paddle wheels on his bicycle. Darius is picky about everything especially bicycle parts, violins, cameras and of course, spellings.
Bill & Losang at Tibetan Connections
Bill and Losang are two foreigners living in Xining City of Qinghai (Amdo Tibet). They organize tours to places off the beaten track. Their response is always quick and answers always accurate. Losang also has a very good blog named "Life on the Tibetan Plateau, check out also Land of Snows".
Sergio (Valencia, Spanish)
Sergio had a near fatal accident in Yunnan Province in August 2003 when he was on the way from Kunming to Laos. The bus stopped for toilet and Sergio, on his way to the loo, couldn't see the road, he fell down to a 7-meter-deep valley and luckily it was not the place for excrement dumping. A part of his spines was broken into 5 pieces and he was admitted to a hospital in Hong Kong and met a beautiful nurse, this was the only thing he could recall from Hong Kong. He recovered quite miraculously after 4 weeks on bed without any surgery. His life changed since then, he started travelling in the no-man lands, after risking his life in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2007, he found his refuge in Spinn Cafe, and met his destiny, a Swiss lady named Anna here. Sergio used to hold a teaching position in a local profitable language school, but he had a serious quarrel with the principal Mr Lobo-Lobster and the gatekeeper there and Sergio decided to detach from the school's attachment.
Patrick (Spanish)
Patrick is dreaming and imagining on his bicycle all the time that he didn't have time to wash his hair or shave his beard. His Chinese visa is running out and he must catch the 56-hour-long train to the wonderful city named Hong Kong to do a quick visa run.