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Kong (a.k.a. Pazu)

email: kongjr@gmail.com (for all general enquries about Spinn Cafe & Tibet, in English and Chinese)
local line in Spinn Cafe: +86.891.6361163 (Tibetan and Chinese only)
ws: http://www.pazu.com (mostly in Chinese)
Book: Author of "Spinning in Tibet, Selling Coffee in Lhasa" (Enrich Publishing, Hong Kong. Feb 2009; China Remin University Press, Beijing. Mar 2010.)

Kong was born in Hong Kong and graduated with a degree of Biology. Throughout the past few years he travelled extensively through Europe and Asia and has visited South Korea, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, mainland China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and North Korea.

He cycled with Oat from Bangkok, Thailand to Lhasa City, Tibet in 2006, the trip took them 3 months (cycling time) and they arrived in Lhasa in November. When the idea of opening a cafe popped up in their minds, naturally Kong and Oat dreamt of doing this in Lhasa, and Spinn Cafe was born.

Besides managing the Spinn, Kong is also learning the Tibetan language at the moment, though rather slowly. In Feb 2009, he published his first book, "Spinning in Tibet, Selling Coffee in Lhasa" (Enrich Culture Publishing, Hong Kong). The boook was also translated into Simplified Chinese and Korean.


Oat was born in Chachaeongsao Province of Thailand. He became a monk for 3 weeks in 2004 in Wat Sam Kor Temple where he learnt how to chant in Pali and behave like a good guy. Oat used to be a member of the rescue team of the Vajira Hospital in Bangkok and the Thailand Cycling Club, and the bike patrol police volunteer of Ayutthaya.

The wide selection of cocktails in Spinn Cafe is all his effort, apart from making you a glass of Pink Lady or Pussy Cat, he is also a bicycle enthusiast who will give you an hour-long presentation on how to ride from Lhasa to Kathmandu without any hesitation.

He's also learning Mandarin Chinese at this moment. He also would like to be known for his hilarious sense of humour.